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100% LOCAL. 100% NATURAL. 100% ORGANIC

The first morning light washes its way onto a wooden fence around the pasture.

Birds begin to busy themselves in the trees.

The sound of gravel crunches on the path, as tall rubber boots make their morning walk to the barn where the cows are ready to start their day.

There has been plenty published on the benefits of organic. For us, it starts with the soil - free of GMOs.

Soil without pesticides grows healthy plants, which ensures quality milk.

Looking after the soil and the animals that graze on it, is the primary concern of Avalon’s farmers.

Organic Skim Milk

Available in: 1L glass bottle, 1L carton, 2L jug & 4L jug

Avalon Dairy’s Organic Skim Milk choice is also an excellent source of Calcium and Vitamin D to support you sticking to what your diet needs, while maintaining the vital nutrients your body needs.

So bring on those weekend pancakes with the low-calorie skim milk benefits! Make those muffins, cakes or bread pudding for the special occasion, and indulge in a Café Mocha when you catch up with an old friend.

While our milk is skimmed, it sure doesn’t skimp on the decadent details!

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