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Our keto-friendly and deliciously creamy Triple Crème Yogurt makes the perfect spread or dessert.

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If you are looking for a shelf stable dairy product - we also have our Whole Milk Powder; free of antibiotics, GMO, and growth hormones, Avalon's pure premium Canadian milk powder is incredibly versatile and will definitely be a staple in your pantry for healthy recipes!


Goat's Milk

3.25% M.F.
Available in: 1 L glass bottle.

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  • Rachel

    I wish the goats milk was available in larger quantities


    It would be lovely to have a probiotic goat’s milk product.


    It would be lovely to have a probiotic goat’s milk product.


    Is the goat\'s milk organic as well?


    Is the goat milk organic too?


    I wish your goats milk was fortified with folic acid and vitamin D so that it could be used as a cow milk substitute for my toddler.


    Perhaps I just haven\'t found it yet, but I\'m looking for detailed information about your goat milk. Where does it come from? How are the goats raised? Etc


    Same comments as above and no answer from Avalon. Can you provide the origin/type of milk? Thanks.


    Where can I find the nutrition Al facts table for your goat\'s milk.


    Goat milk is fortified with folic acid or not