*Avalon is happy to fill your fridge with much more than just milk*

100% LOCAL. 100% NATURAL.

Our keto-friendly and deliciously creamy Triple Crème Yogurt makes the perfect spread or dessert.

Cheese, Eggs, Butter.. We have it all!

If you are looking for a shelf stable dairy product - we also have our Whole Milk Powder; free of antibiotics, GMO, and growth hormones, Avalon's pure premium Canadian milk powder is incredibly versatile and will definitely be a staple in your pantry for healthy recipes!


Plain Triple Cream Yogurt

Honey Triple Cream Yogurt

Vanilla Triple Cream Yogurt

Goat's Milk

Eggs (Brown)

Eggs (White)


Parmesan Wedge

White Cheddar Cheese

Orange Cheddar Cheese