*Certified organic. Verified delicious.*

100% LOCAL. 100% NATURAL. 100% ORGANIC

The first morning light washes its way onto a wooden fence around the pasture.

Birds begin to busy themselves in the trees.

The sound of gravel crunches on the path, as tall rubber boots make their morning walk to the barn where the cows are ready to start their day.

There has been plenty published on the benefits of organic. For us, it starts with the soil - free of GMOs.

Soil without pesticides grows healthy plants, which ensures quality milk.

Looking after the soil and the animals that graze on it, is the primary concern of Avalon’s farmers.

Organic Chocolate Milk

3.25% M.F.
Available in: 1L glass bottle, 500mL glass bottle, 500mL carton

Real. Belgian. Cocoa. Say that slow enough and the Avalon Chocolate Milk Genie just might make an appearance!

Avalon’s Organic Chocolate Milk is the real deal! It’s packed with the excellent nutrients of Calcium and Vitamin D so you can go ahead and enjoy with a smile. There is nothing like pouring Avalon Organic Chocolate Milk straight out of the glass bottle and drinking it ice-cold!

Got the case of Monday Blues? Brighten up the day with a cozy mug of Chocolate Milk or even better.. Mix it with your go-to coffee to create a Café Mocha!

Calling all kitchen wizards! Take your baked goods to the next level when you add Avalon Organic Chocolate Milk to your regular muffin or cake recipe!

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  • Marra

    Runners - this is the best chocolate milk out there! It\'s the best refuel right after a long run! I have one of these to hold me over while I make a meal. I love it!


    This is the best chocolate milk I\'ve ever tasted!


    Hey I abolutly love your chocolate milk I live in edmonton alberta please is there anybway to get ahold of your product here because it\'s the best 🙂


    Hey I abolutly love your chocolate milk I live in edmonton alberta please is there anybway to get ahold of your product here because it\'s the best 🙂


    it is the most delicious chocolate milk that I have ever tasted ever!!! and I drink a LOT of chocolate milk!!


    No other chocolate milk even compares. 11/10


    I mean I personally haven\'t tried it, but my boy Sebastian Abbey up in the Great White North said it\'s the best. I\'m a big fan Promise Land Chocolate milk but he says nothing comes close to Avalon\'s Organic Chocolate Milk. 11 out of 10 stars.


    How come the one with red lid Doesn’t taste like or as well as the one with a green lid

    Anja Francis

    Absolutely the best chocolate milk I ever had. Just wish Thrifty Foods would carry the organic choc. Milk too.

    Kurt Belliveau

    Sheena, the red lid is organic chocolate milk, the green lid is regular (not organic) chocolate milk. I totally agree with you, the regular tastes fantastic, the organic does not taste anywhere near as good.

    Jack Mills

    Not as good as Dairyland. Step up or step down.


    DId you change the recipe recently? Also, where are the ingredients list on your website? I\'ve always loved it but I feel like it was different a few years ago. Seems like there is less vanilla now and more sugar.