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Real. Belgian. Cocoa. Say that slow enough and the Avalon Chocolate Milk Genie just might make an appearance!
Avalon’s Chocolate Milk is the real deal, and it’s packed with the excellent nutrients of calcium and vitamin D so you can go ahead and do it, especially if people are looking. There is nothing like pouring Avalon Chocolate Milk straight out of the glass bottle and drinking it ice-cold!
Maybe you know a few tired hearts who need mending? Heat up some chocolate milk for their mug. Shake up the lunch bag routine when you add Avalon Chocolate Milk to your regular muffin or cake recipe!
Oh what’s that? You have to run because you were called to a board meeting? We dare you to keep a straight face when you wash down that case of the Mondays with a creamy Avalon Chocolate Milk cafe mocha!
available in: 1 liter glass bottle, 500ml glass bottle & 1 litre carton

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  • Kurt Belliveau

    This is the best chocolate milk ever, it is superior to every single other brand, and I have drank them all. I can\'t stop drinking this chocolate milk, I get the jitters if I don\'t have any bottles in the fridge, and I am very sad when they don\'t have any at the store and I have to wait for the next delivery come in. Please don\'t ever stop making this chocolate milk, and don\'t mess with the recipe because it is perfect the way it is.

    Sofia Tuangkitkun

    I cannot find the expiry date on your 1.89L chocolate milk.

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