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Egg Nog (Seasonal)

Available in: 1L glass bottle

Simply the BEST Egg Nog in town!

Available for the holidays only, this seasonal classic beverage will definitely be the star beverages at your traditional family parties!

Don't like Egg Nog? Well, "Yolks" on you!

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  • Laura Zyla

    Deliciously decadent!

    Sean Turvey

    Tastes like bananas. Yuck!

    Lisa Paauw

    Will you consider making a lighter version ! I love it already, but the sugar content is so high .


    I am not much of an eggnog fan, but seeing this glass bottle and the creamy looking contents inside I HAD to try it. I am a fan!! It was so delicious and enjoyable. I am buying another bottle to bring to my brother-in-law as a gift. Well done! Thank you and Happy Holidays! 🙂


    Why banana flavored? Weird.

    Steven Bryan

    Best Egg Nog ever!!!


    I don\'t taste bananas, but certainly can taste the bubblegum.


    I’ve never been much of an egg nog drinker, but this slaps *thumbs up*


    I’ve never been much of an egg nog drinker, but this slaps *thumbs up*


    I love the flavour even if it tastes like bananas, cause that makes it even more unique and precious to me, I hope this eggnog is organic because estrogenics make me puke


    The eggnog is good. It is similar in flavour to the standard brands I’ve purchased in grocery stores, but I appreciate that it’s made with Avalon cream. If people think it tastes like bananas, then they must think most major brand eggnog tastes like bananas. Pretty sure it’s the nutmeg they’re tasting that reminds them of artificial banana flavour. As for me, I think I was hoping for more of that creamy texture (and flavour) I get from Avalon’s heavy cream and less of the “creamy” texture you get from syrup and carrageenan. I am tempted to mix in a tablespoon of the 33% cream into a glass to see if it satisfies my desire for that creamy taste and texture. Just slightly less sweet would do as well.

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