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Egg Nog (Seasonal)

Simply the BEST egg nog in town!

Available in: 1 liter glass bottle.

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  • Laura Zyla

    Deliciously decadent!

    Sean Turvey

    Tastes like bananas. Yuck!

    Lisa Paauw

    Will you consider making a lighter version ! I love it already, but the sugar content is so high .


    I am not much of an eggnog fan, but seeing this glass bottle and the creamy looking contents inside I HAD to try it. I am a fan!! It was so delicious and enjoyable. I am buying another bottle to bring to my brother-in-law as a gift. Well done! Thank you and Happy Holidays! 🙂


    Why banana flavored? Weird.

    Steven Bryan

    Best Egg Nog ever!!!


    I don\'t taste bananas, but certainly can taste the bubblegum.

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