*Farm fresh to your fridge*

100% LOCAL. 100% NATURAL.

Avalon is happy to fill your fridge with much more than just milk!

If you're looking for a healthier gut, our probiotic line includes; Organic Balkan-Style Yogurt, Triple Crème Yogurt, and Kefir.

If you're looking to be the next Master Chef; Cheese, Eggs, Butter, Cottage Cheese, Sour Cream is waiting for you!

And if you're wanting something sweet, it's time to bring out that ice cream scoop because we have 7x flavours of Organic Ice Cream!

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Organic Dairy Products

Organic Cheddar Cheese

Medium: Moisture 38% and MF 31%
Aged: Moisture 39% and MF 31%

Available in: Approx 340 g

Cheddar Cheese is the classic cheese and also one of the most versatile cheese out there! Avalon's Organic Cheddar Cheese is available in both Medium and Aged.

Think breakfast skillets, grilled cheese sandwich, nachos, macaroni & cheese.. The recipes are endless! For those who want to keep it simple, cut up an apple and a chunk of our Organic Cheddar Cheese into cubes and enjoy it as a healthy low carb snack!

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