Traceable Milk

Transparency makes for a clear choice when it comes to the milk you buy!

While Avalon Dairy has celebrated many ‘firsts’ over the 100+ years we’ve been in business, in 2015 we were part of something truly special when, working together with eco-dairies, we debuted BC’s first Traceable Milk to market!

With each Avalon product, you will not only get the freshest, highest quality raw materials, you will also be guaranteed that the production process itself excels at every level.

We are proud to be the Home of BC’s First Traceable Milk.

Happy Cows = Yummy Milk = Udderly Traceable

Egg Nog (Seasonal)

Simply the BEST egg nog in town!

Available in: 1 liter glass bottle.

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  • Laura Zyla

    Deliciously decadent!

    Sean Turvey

    Tastes like bananas. Yuck!

    Lisa Paauw

    Will you consider making a lighter version ! I love it already, but the sugar content is so high .


    I am not much of an eggnog fan, but seeing this glass bottle and the creamy looking contents inside I HAD to try it. I am a fan!! It was so delicious and enjoyable. I am buying another bottle to bring to my brother-in-law as a gift. Well done! Thank you and Happy Holidays! 🙂


    Why banana flavored? Weird.

    Steven Bryan

    Best Egg Nog ever!!!


    I don\'t taste bananas, but certainly can taste the bubblegum.