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COVID-19 Information: At Avalon we continue to provide to you with safe, quality dairy products. We Thankyou for your ongoing support of our company. In order to continue the supply, we ask that you return your glass bottles to your retailer so we can continue to serve you. Additional measures at retail have been put in place to reduce and/or eliminate the potential risk when returning glass bottles. Over 90% of retailers are accepting glass bottle returns. Please look for our plastic milk crates at the front of each store for easy return. We look forward to continuing to supply you with the highest in quality and safety of products from our family to yours!

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Happy cows. Yummy milk.

Our Partner Farm's cows enjoy the Country Club treatment. Which isn’t hard when you’ve got fresh air, pure water, and, well, idyllic country conditions. With small-scale farming and holistic animal husbandry policies, we’ve taken factory farming out of the equation. Taste the difference.

A dairy dynasty.

From our iconic glass bottle, you can tell we’re traditionalists. Avalon has been family-run since 1906, and survived world wars, depressions, urban sprawl, and waves of conglomeration. Yes, the decades have thrown up a few hurdles, but Avalon has cleared them with flying colours.

Farm fresh to your fridge.

If the cows could deliver it fresh to you, they would. But that would take a long time. So instead, we deliver our classic glass bottles to your local grocer, or, in many parts of BC we deliver to your door. It’s a little tradition we like to hang on to, minus the horse-drawn carriage.

Avalon and on and on...

Meet the extended Avalon family. Organic butter, sour cream, yogurt, eggs, cheddar, and of course, ice cream. All with the same Avalon quality that British Columbia has depended on for over 100 years. Go ahead, make them a fixture in your kitchen, and the star of your next recipe.

Farm fresh Products

Taste the difference in our organic butter, sour cream, yogurt, eggs, cheddar, and ice cream. Make them a fixture in your kitchen now!


In your next recipe

Discover new and exciting recipes that feature our organic butter, sour cream, yogurt, eggs, cheddar, and ice cream!