COVID-19 Information on Glass Bottle Returns

At Avalon we continue to provide to you with safe, quality dairy products. We Thankyou for your ongoing support of our company.

In order to continue the supply, we ask that you return your glass bottles to your retailer so we can continue to serve you.

Additional measures at retail have been put in place to reduce and/or eliminate the potential risk when returning glass bottles. Over 90% of retailers are accepting glass bottle returns.

Please look for our plastic milk crates at the front of each store for easy return. We look forward to continuing to supply you with the highest in quality and safety of products from our family to yours!

We care about the environment at Avalon Dairy, and we know you do too!

Please return your cleaned bottles to your grocery store for a full refund. These empty glass bottles can be returned at stores that carry Avalon products, where they’re picked up and taken back to the farm to be rinsed, sterilized, and refilled with fresh milk.

Avalon recycles over 80% of our bottles. Thanks for supporting us, and, Mother Nature!